About Us

The Dragons Rugby Trust was founded by the Welsh Rugby Union in 1992, then known as the Cardiff Arms Park Trust. It benefits from the great support of the Union and seeks to play a complementary role up to and including U21 level, to all the activities and policies of the Union’s General Committee and the Rugby Directorate. It now has an established and important place in Welsh rugby life.

The achievements of the Dragons Rugby Trust have been very considerable. The main ones are listed in the following section, but perhaps its greatest achievement is an intangible one. It is the feeling of enthusiasm, and the sense of belonging it has given to many young people in Wales who enjoy playing and watching rugby. It is succeeding in its primary role, which is to develop and support the Game of Rugby Union in Wales for players up to the age of 21. This is not an elitist approach, but a grassroots programme, in which excellence is the by-product of participation. It is the Trust’s conviction that young people can best achieve success though the principles of teamwork, sporting behaviour, fairness, skill, leadership, fitness and fun.

Many people deserve thanks for the continued success of the Trust. Primarily, the WRU, whose vision and funding started off the Trust in 1992 and who have continued to support it loyally and generously. Mr Ken Harris CBE gave the Trust a sound start with his astute Chairmanship.

The Trust would like to express particular gratitude to the other ten Trustees, who have given generously of their time and expertise, in some cases to an enormous extent. Representing a wide range of sporting and professional backgrounds, they are committed to broadening the development of the Game throughout Wales. As a consequence of increased activity and the need for efficient Management, the Trust’s personnel include a full-time Manager, with a dedicated Media Officer, Project Manager and Office Administrator co-ordinating and organising the Dragons Trust’s work and driving on its ambitious programme.