The Future

The main efforts will not be limited to building on the successes of recent years as there is an exciting programme.

Working closely with the Directorate of Rugby and affiliated bodies of the WRU, the Trust plans to:

  • Expand the scope and readership of Dragon News via a subscription scheme and increased advertising revenue.
  • Develop new, and CD-ROM based, Educational resources for teachers and youngsters based on the ‘Play The Game’ package.
  • Establish a National skills development programme in conjunction with the WRU Rugby Directorate.
  • Increase the number of Dragon Development Officers to at least one per Unitary Authority and support their work by the appointment of Community Development Officers, funded jointly by the private, public and voluntary sectors.
  • Expand the current Awards and Apprenticeship programme so that more of our outstanding young players will benefit from scholarship and vocational training grants.
  • Build on existing partnerships and develop new ones with the business community, local and National government and key statutory and non-statutory bodies, to ensure that all possible resources are harnessed in pursuit of the Trust’s aim to increase participation in the Game.
  • Expand provision for girls and for youngsters with learning and other disabilities who are frequently so enthusiastic about the game, but have few opportunities to participate.
  • Support the Directorate of Rugby in its mission to establish a National U21 League, which will ensure regular, quality rugby for our best young players.
  • Co-operate with the Directorate of Rugby and the Sports Council for Wales in the ‘Chwarae Teg’ campaign, designed to develop and promote good attitudes and consequently increase enjoyment in junior rugby in Wales.